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I’m a Ninja

So the holidays got to be a bore once everyone but me returned to work and so I decided to do the obligatory wardrobe purge. Now I got so wrapped up in the task that I forgot to take a picture of how much I decided was no longer wanted but it looked a little something like this:

Just with a lot lest colour.

I managed to rope my sister into becoming a packed mule and trudging down to our local charity shoot to drop off all the unwanteds before my mother caught sight of them and had a cow.

My wardrobe now looks like this:

With a massive gaping hole in the middle that NO SHOP has had the decency to fill. It’s so bare its sad. I went to every shop in Westfield and found nothing that I liked. (Save for a pair of boots…I needed to stop walking around in snow boots…it was wishful thinking really….)

I then went to Oxford Street. Still nowt. Save for two jumpers that I already owned but in the colours I do not. 

I just want it to be summer again so I can unpack this:

and wear all the colourful flowy skirts and dresses again! Damn you London with your lack of snow and lukewarm summers. Bastard.

Anyhow. There was a selection of unwanteds that I could not part with so easily for some reason or another so I’ve listed them in a new section on this smashing blog of mine with the aptly named ‘Shop’ which can be found here:

See? Easy! Let me know if anything takes your fancy. I’m going to relist it all on ebay or something at some point if that makes it easier.

That’s enough outta me. It took an age to list all that but now its done. Woo!


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It’s A Lego Thing

LEGO is a huge deal for me and my sister. It’s just amazing. I mean check out that Dalek!!! 



Wanna see another view? Of course you do!

Just imagine how much that weighs. Phew!

Westfield has many changing LEGO displays. I love it! Our favourite to date is the model of the aquatics centre with the synchronized swimming. It is genius.


It’s hard to capture in picture form but the roof is all wavy like the real centre and there is soo much going on! There’s a guy in an ice bath, a medal ceremony, the next team waiting to come one, the judges, Tom Daley! the logo on the bottom of the pool….

Also, there is the Olympic stadium complete with LEGO spectators. Dedication I tells ya!

Call me what you like but that is amazing. 

Long Live LEGO

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New Game Folks!

Now, I talk about my sister a lot. But with good reason my friends! She’s a bizarre one. She will pretty much do anything you tell her to. Brave or stupid? You decide.

Fig 1.

We found a pack of opened mini marshmallows in the cupboard that were rather outdated. Happens when you clean stuff out. OF COURSE someone says how many can you fit in your mouth?!? Who volunteers in an instant? Uh huh.

Brave or Stupid?

Fig 2.

Westfield mall on a Sunday. Its pretty busy but she asks to go to the Lego store for a wander. I love me some Lego so we go. Theres the ‘build your own Lego men’ station and its teaming with kids. So naturally I say ‘off you go! Go build!’ she does. Shoves her way in and gets cracking. Turning to make a face whenever a child sneezes on her (more often than one would imagine) or grabs something she wanted. The looks she got from the parents….did I say looks? I meant glares and evils!!! Hehe…

Brave or Stupid?

I gotta admit, the Lego men she built were pretty awesome…. 

Gotta love that kid….

Till next time! 

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Welcome Wenlock and Mandeville…

The Olympics. Obviously many people are super excited. But despite the fact that the event is practically on my doorstep I’m still absolutely indifferent about the whole thing.

The Olympics have never really grabbed my attention. Very few sporting events do. Besides Wimbledon and the Football World Cup, I don’t watch much sport. I’ll keep up to date with what’s happening in general with Tennis (Goooooooo Andy!) and where my team rank in the Football leagues but track and field games don’t interest me in the slightest unless I’m the one doing them (used to do high jump didn’t you know!)

However I have noticed and felt the effects of the Olympics being held in London. The ginormous shopping centre within walking distance for example, means I no longer have to travel to Oxford Circus on an insanely packed train. Although I’m sure the whole train issue will be a different story come the opening ceremony.

The huge push on healthy eating and the importance of exercise is probably a biggie too as all schools in and around London are getting into the spirit of the Olympics. I love this as it makes teaching more interesting and gives a viable theme across the curriculum. It’s a great way to get the boys involved i.e. a starter for math this week involved doing the long jump and the triple jump. For math! They loved it! And they learnt how to measure! And accurately too!

The bizarre renovations and monuments that have been installed in and around Stratford. Take this for example:

It’s called ‘The Shoal sculpture’ which would imply that the shapes are fish oui? Especially given that their colours come from the aqua palate. However they have been described as a ‘series of up-lit titanium leaves that will gently move in the breeze to create a dynamic and natural motion.’

Source: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/stratford_s_transformation_taking_shape_1_1240756

Gently moving titanium leaves. Lovely. Let us hope these winds die down else we shall have rapidly swaying. Or swatting.

I’m all for change and sprucing up but can’t help but feel this particular structure is a bit pointless. And by a bit I mean monumentally. And by structure I mean metal shite. Honestly, what purpose does it serve? The poles are still grey and look awfully industrial and as I walk past it every day, I haven’t once NOT heard someone go ‘but what IS it?’ So it certainly arouses curiosity but not the good kind, not really.

Speaking of unsightly monuments, that tall twisty red tower by Anish Kapoor. Ugh.

There’s an eyesore if ever I saw one! I like the idea of the viewing gallery, but dude! That thing is horrendous! And don’t get all artsy on me by the way because I’m not having any of it. I’m a firm believer of the idea that anything can be art but that tower is simply someone wanting to create something BIG. Mittal, the main benefactor behind it could only say "I am glad we could build it because it is a great piece of art, it is the largest sculpture, and this is a great thing to have in this part of London.’ Now on the ‘art’ point I shall say this: The statue of liberty = art. Great Sphinx = art. Arc de Triomphe, Taj Mahal, The Merlion of Sentosa = art.

That red spiral thing is just the result of engineers with too much time and money on their hands.

A great thing to have in THIS PART of London? Why? Why is that thing good to have in ANY part of London? Kapoor compared it to the Effiel Tower, stating how people initialling loathed that too yet grew to love it over the years but that’s not the point! If you must create something, then try and ensure it is going to be liked in YOUR time and the time that will come to pass i.e. like the art mentioned above. It shouldn’t be something that people GROW ASSCUSTOMED TO!!! I live in east London and can tell you, there are ENOUGH unsightly towers and adding a skeltony red one is NOT what the area needs!

I don’t know how this post turned into a rant about architecture but there you go.

Procrastination one, Me nil. 

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I hate shop assistants. They scare me. I suffer from social anxiety at the best of times and then they walk up to you, single you out, out of ALL the other people in the shop, plaster that manic ‘I’m going to be super helpful!’ clown smile onto their faces and say ‘Are you ok? Anything I can help you with?’ To which I usually reply with a swift ‘No thank you!’, return an equally manic smile and then make a bee line for the exit.

The cosmetic clowns they are the scariest. Selfridges… *deep breath* *Steps through the door and…*.

‘Excuse me, may I see your hands?’

‘Would you like to try this new voodoo eye cream?’

‘Perfume? Perfume? Perfume? Perfume?’

LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!! I just want to get to the shoes!!!!!! *Runs through to the escalator*

And they have these mad painted faces where you can practically see where the cakey make up stops and the pasty real skin begins. And again with the manic smiling!!! I’m not against smiling but you can see the judgement in their eyes!!! Almost like they are thinking ‘Oh yea, she TOTALLY needs to cover that face, I can sense her porous skin from a mile off!’ Grrrrrrr  

The greeters. They are the weirdest. I don’t understand that logic. Why are they necessary? Other than making you feel super uncomfortable?

‘Hi, how you doing?’

‘Hey! Welcome to Office’

‘Sup guys! What’s happening?!’  

Yes that was an ACTUAL greeting. By the girl in Hollister. I kid you not.

‘Sup guys! What’s happening?!’  

Like I’m going to stop and be like ‘Oh Em Gee!!! You will totes NEVER guess what happened to me today!’ and then launch into a story about my day.

These greeter people just totally put me off going into the shop! And Hollister’s chain are the worst! They are BLOODY LUCKY that their clothes are softer than the purest clouds as the walking talking manikins are the HUGEST deterrents from their store. They do NOTHING for a regular person’s self esteem! Here I am in a faded skirt, opaque tights and trainers, after teaching P.E. all afternoon and my hair has obtained a life of its own and I have to walk past AND ACKNOWLEDGE this perfectly made up fresh faced beaut of a girl in flip flops and a mini skirt I wouldn’t dare to wear anywhere besides the beach. Even then its iffy. 

And today they made it like 600 times worse. Here’s the bedrock of my tale:

I love Gilly Hicks – the sister company to Hollister – and have been waiting AGES for the one in Westfield to open as otherwise I have to trek to the OTHER side of London town and that’s just hassle. So today was its opening day. Huzzah!

Except NOT HUZZAH cause what do they have outside the store? SIX TOPLESS BEAUTIFUL MEN.


I counted.

Now I know some of you are thinking ‘Wtf is wrong with that?!?! It’s not like they are an eyesore, quite the opposite in fact! Eye candy if you will!’

But it just makes me uncomfortable!

So I sigh, walk on, shaking my head but glancing at the door of Gilly Hicks wistfully when what do I run right into? Yep. You guessed it. ONE OF THE TOPLESS BEAUTIFUL MEN!!!!

They had hired two more of these hunky beasts to flank the entrance of Hollister for the day too!!!

So I blush, stammer and apology and stalk away as fast as my plimsolls will allow while he laughs, quite audibly, obviously pleased with himself. Stupid beautiful mother chucker.




I mean no disrespect to shop assistants by the way. I’m certain the individual people are lovely! Its the pushy, in your face attitude that retail has developed that I have my issues with. I get that they are most likely trying to be polite but sometimes from a customer  point of view, its scary and off putting. I’d much rather ask for help if and when I need it!

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