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It’s A Lego Thing

LEGO is a huge deal for me and my sister. It’s just amazing. I mean check out that Dalek!!! 



Wanna see another view? Of course you do!

Just imagine how much that weighs. Phew!

Westfield has many changing LEGO displays. I love it! Our favourite to date is the model of the aquatics centre with the synchronized swimming. It is genius.


It’s hard to capture in picture form but the roof is all wavy like the real centre and there is soo much going on! There’s a guy in an ice bath, a medal ceremony, the next team waiting to come one, the judges, Tom Daley! the logo on the bottom of the pool….

Also, there is the Olympic stadium complete with LEGO spectators. Dedication I tells ya!

Call me what you like but that is amazing. 

Long Live LEGO

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New Game Folks!

Now, I talk about my sister a lot. But with good reason my friends! She’s a bizarre one. She will pretty much do anything you tell her to. Brave or stupid? You decide.

Fig 1.

We found a pack of opened mini marshmallows in the cupboard that were rather outdated. Happens when you clean stuff out. OF COURSE someone says how many can you fit in your mouth?!? Who volunteers in an instant? Uh huh.

Brave or Stupid?

Fig 2.

Westfield mall on a Sunday. Its pretty busy but she asks to go to the Lego store for a wander. I love me some Lego so we go. Theres the ‘build your own Lego men’ station and its teaming with kids. So naturally I say ‘off you go! Go build!’ she does. Shoves her way in and gets cracking. Turning to make a face whenever a child sneezes on her (more often than one would imagine) or grabs something she wanted. The looks she got from the parents….did I say looks? I meant glares and evils!!! Hehe…

Brave or Stupid?

I gotta admit, the Lego men she built were pretty awesome…. 

Gotta love that kid….

Till next time! 

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