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How I Turned Calf Fat Into Something Resembling Muscle

So Edinburgh is like this really up down town which tires someone as unfit as me out in about five seconds. But at least all the up downness keeps you warm. Tomato Tomato. 

We went by train and it was a longass journey but we found ways to entertain ourselves.

We arrived, got settled and went in search of ways to fill our empty tummies. 

And fill we did.

I always find it difficult to choose what to eat. Choice is not my friend.

Although breakfast was always easy!

Tea and a full english =)

Pleasance was my favourite venue of the big five

Tickets galore! Yes we were on a mission to see as much as possible in the short time we were here.

We climbed Arthur’s seat as part of NVA’s Speed of Light endeavor which marks the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

I was pretty excited when I was handed my light up walking stick

We walked and walked and it got higher and harder and I will admit I was a little scared of climbing to the summit.

But I did and that’s what counts!

I wish I could have kept the light stick though… they were pretty nifty

We were pretty pleased with ourselves once we finished. And it was well past my bed time.

I met Pinocchio on my wanders. He was a little frisky. 

Someone from the wizarding world was being awfully kind to the Muggles.

No its not the dairy milk cow. Its for Underbelly silly!

Now we all know I have a sweet tooth. The fudge house in Edinburgh fulfills all my tooth’s sweet sweet desires. And then some.

We saw MANY MANY shows as my previous post highlights. Here is a picture of me prior to one of the shows. Excited much?

Finally, we took the obligatory trip to the castle. 

Lots of randomness there…

Look at the Rapunzels!! 

I got cartoonified.

And a random American lady very kindly took a picture of all three of us.

I’m not a happy bunny when I’m hungry.

And that is all.

P.S. Photo credit to my two buddies for some of these. All edited by moi using the interwebs =)

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Friday 10th August saw me and my two buddies set off on a 4ish hour train journey north in search of some comedy. 

Comedy we found.

I COULD tell you about everything we saw but I cannot be bothered. What I will do is tell you everything that I loved and cannot wait to see again when it rolls into London town!!!! 

This sprightly young lady is the magnificent tap dancing, grown-up Brownie that is Jenny Fawcett (real name Louise Ford). Her general awkwardness and endearing but complete disregard for boundaries had me giggling and enthralled throughout her story of her pursuit for her sweetheart Peter Dink (which includes a slow mo re-enactment of when she first laid eyes on him. How erm… messy…that was…)

As I’m usually a stand-up fan, this style of comedy was a little new to me but I loved it. She has you captivated and laughing for the moment you enter the room and you leave wondering was else life will have in store for young Jenny.

Max and Ivan were quite easily the best live sketch comedy act I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. It’s just the two guys staging a heist with practically no props, flitting between characters, accents and LOCATIONS so seamlessly you cannot help but be glued to the performance. The boys appear to love to try and throw the other off their game for the audience’s pleasure though the rollerblading and laser-beam-vault-protection spectacle.

Holmes and Watson last year was awesome.

Con Artists is fast paced, hilarious sketch comedy.

I cannot wait to see what these two come up with next.

If you fancy seeing them for yourselves, click HERE for their website where they list their shows and stuff.

Yes that is Ted from Scrubs. Yes this is his ACTUAL accapella group. Yes is was amazing. 

The concept of the show was based around them trying to score a contract to be the first group to perform on the moon and they had a list of stuff to create the perfect show from an agent who was ‘in the audience’. The work through the list and perform ‘skits, antics and choreography’ with hugely comical consequences. They are adorable. And BOY can they sing!! They do all sorts of tunes and with that kooky charm of theirs you find yourself singing and smiling and leaving with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling  a bit like a nice hug. I genuinely don’t know how else to describe it. The Blanks left me feeling so childishly happy that I was practically skipping back to the hotel that evening. 

Their website can be found HERE. It has details for their upcoming shows, a mini juke box for you to sample their work and a few videos of them fooling around and whatnot. Check them out!

Nicholas Parsons. Now I didn’t know much about this dude before we got there and I cannot for the life of me remember why we chose to go and see him but he was pretty great! I’m gonna be lazy and paste a review from threeweeks.co.uk as it explains way better than I ever could why this dude is a great host;

Parsons is publicly popular, fantastically flashy and incredibly charismatic, a little like Bruce Forsyth but with far superior jokes. Add to this a fundamental awareness of his audience and you have a man who is a delight to be in the company of. His jokes are expertly delivered and often have an unexpected crude twist, revealing his natural comedic charm. Each night, different guests join Parsons on stage and, if your guests are as funny as mine were, you are in for a treat- smarties if you sit in the front row!

I didn’t get smarties.

Adam Hills in his I-have-no-show-because-I-want-to-spend-an-hour-talking-to-the-weirdos-in-the-audience show entitled Mess Around was pretty funny. Adam Hills was once one of my favourite comedians as he is goofy and he knows it. I haven’t seen a lot of him in the past year or so though, and this show where he just talks to the audience and picks on people could have gone either way really. It was pretty good and there were enough weirdos and loud people for him to entertain for the hour but I think I’ll stick to watching his stand up. 

He writes a blog about what happened every night which can be found HERE. We were in the audience on night 12 (his blog post on Aug 15) if you’re interested. 

The Beta Males’ Midnight Movie Theatre. My goodness. This was certainly the weirdest experience of the festival. The concept of this was to show a really bad horror movie (in our case Spiders) and sort of pause at intervals and have a selection of Fringe acts come on to do cameos and whatnots on whatever is going on. Max and Ivan, Late Night Gimp Fight and The Noise Next Door came on and did what each of them do best but it was all a bit disorientating. But given that I was shattered that night I reckon that my confusion was just down to me being sleepy. I was jolted awake though, every time the ‘attendants’ came on stage to offer raw meat or guts or spider’s eggs. There was silly string and puke and technical problems at the end and I left feeling relieved that I was able to get out of there but glad that I had done it. A bit like how you’d feel if you’d just got off a rollercoaster. The best thing about it was that we were introduced to: 

The Noise Next Door! These guys are an improv comedy troupe who are RIDICULOUSLY fast and witty and AMAZING that it is difficult to believe they can come up with the hilarious sketches and songs simply from suggestions for the crowd without seeing them for yourselves. Honestly, I didn’t think there were enough people in the world who could gather the randomest of suggestions and mould lyrics that make sense and rhyme and are soo soo funny and so seamlessly!!! And yet there are FIVE of them!!!! And they also play multiple characters in their Chumely Amateur Dramatic Society sketch where I was even more impressed by not only their improv skills at including the most ridiculous suggestions but also at their knowledge of mythology. You can throw ANYTHING at these guys and they will never be phased. 

Check them out for yourselves HERE and go and see them if ever they are near you. You will not regret it.

This is Jollyboat. They are brothers Tom and Ed Croft and do songs. Very funny, well written and -not exclusively - piratey songs. They are so enthusiastic and happy that they make YOU happy and that is just what you want from a comedy show right? 

We saw them as part of a free show on our last evening in Edinburgh so didn’t get to see their whole hour long show but may try and see them when they come to London. 

HERE is a link to their website where you catch watch the video of their pirate song. It’s pretty funny. 

Yes!! It IS Pinder off of Franklin and Bash!!! Well done you for noticing!!!!

Real name Kumail Nanjiani, was I think, the only paid for stand up comic we went to see! He is new to the Edinburgh Fringe and you could tell from the beginning of the show that he was a novice. However, he absolutely turned his show around and as it built momentum, you could sense he was growing in confidence and that really helped make it show a success by the end of the hour. I hope he sticks with the whole comedy thing as well as the acting as I would certainly like to see him again!

He has a twitter HERE if anyone is interested. 

All The Kings Men sang their little hearts out all a cappella style-ly. They were VERY good singers and gave me goosebumps with their rendition of Imogen Heap’s Hide And Seek. Their choreography is timed well but really stiff and that’s really the only minor negative thing to say. Think an English Boy version of the Dalton Warblers and you’re there. 

They are doing VERY well on the global scene though and you can follow their success through their website HERE

PHEW! And that was just the stuff I liked! I shan’t go through the OK and not so great stuff as I’m shattered doing this post. 

Really excited to go again next year!!! 


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I’m Sick So Here’s A Barrage Of Pictures From Last Night

The culprits who incited the following sack full of giggles….

Awww how adorable are these two….


He has smiling down to a T ;)

I on the other hand, do not.

Beautiful hair….

Who wears them the best?

Adjust glasses…. Ready? DANCE!!!!



Bedtime yet?

I do not have a clue what was going on here…

Are you protecting her?

Or something else-ing her?

Eh? Buddy? 

She ain’t pleased…

Filthy child….


But who can deny such a face……

50 Shades of Beau

Or Peado…

Silly faces make me giggle =)

MINE!! she says


Till next time folks!


p.s. photo credit to my buddy who contributed to a few of the above =)

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It IS Called The Back Of The Door You Silly Welsh Fool!

So Thursday, My Beau, Bro and Sis and I went to see this welsh gem at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo and had a whale of a time. Honestly, he was brilliant and wonderful, there was an awful lot of heckling which he handled hilariously and it was just everything you would want from an evening of comedy. 

We were originally seated with this view:

However, 2 minutes before Mr Gilbert was due on stage, staff asked if we would like to move to sit in the front to which we replied YES PLEASES!!!

This alteration led us to have THIS view:

That screen was for the intro video btw. We were in the centre of the 3rd row… some serious luck right there…

I cannot wait for the DVD to be released so I can watch the whole thing all over!! hehe… =)

Sis brought Kermit along and he thought he was really looking forward to watching the show too!!

However, he had one too many pints of Guinness…



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New Game Folks!

Now, I talk about my sister a lot. But with good reason my friends! She’s a bizarre one. She will pretty much do anything you tell her to. Brave or stupid? You decide.

Fig 1.

We found a pack of opened mini marshmallows in the cupboard that were rather outdated. Happens when you clean stuff out. OF COURSE someone says how many can you fit in your mouth?!? Who volunteers in an instant? Uh huh.

Brave or Stupid?

Fig 2.

Westfield mall on a Sunday. Its pretty busy but she asks to go to the Lego store for a wander. I love me some Lego so we go. Theres the ‘build your own Lego men’ station and its teaming with kids. So naturally I say ‘off you go! Go build!’ she does. Shoves her way in and gets cracking. Turning to make a face whenever a child sneezes on her (more often than one would imagine) or grabs something she wanted. The looks she got from the parents….did I say looks? I meant glares and evils!!! Hehe…

Brave or Stupid?

I gotta admit, the Lego men she built were pretty awesome…. 

Gotta love that kid….

Till next time! 

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Dr. Banner, your work is unparalleled. And I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.

Should you see it? HELL YEAH!!!!

I love the whole action genre anyway so this was always going to be a hit with me. But besides all the fighting and whatnot, the jokes keep you giggling, the story is easy to follow if you’re not familiar with the characters and Robert Downey Jr is in it as my favourite Robert Downey Jr character.

The only down side (in my humble opinion) is that Loki was not really a threatening enough ‘Villain’. He’s too sweet and cheeky and rather than be frightened of him in any way, he’s more likely to makes you go ‘Aww you old bastard you!’ with a friendly knock on the arm. 

I haven’t really followed the individual stories of each super hero - I have a general idea and know the comic stories but hadn’t seen Thor the movie and didn’t recognise Bruce Banner when he wasn’t all big and green. Took me about half way through the movie to go OH YEA!!!! and promptly receive a flick to the forehead from my Beau.

Captain America… I always thought his shield was a bit lame compared to the likes of everything Iron Man or Thor’s hammer can do but he plays a pretty big part in the movie and his cluelessness to all the modern-day ‘tech’ was pretty funny to watch, especially when Tony tried to explain it to him. 

Hawkeye was great new guy with bow and arrow skills (though no Legolas….) and Scarlett Johansson was as hot as ever and gave all that girl power.

Overall, the comic timing is spot on, the big action sequences are full on and Tony Stark is…. on.

Go watch it. You won’t regret it.

Picture credits: Sorry I lost them….

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Now I’m the king of the swingers, Oh the jungle VIP….


This weekend was pretty epic. My darling cousin sister turned 21 and we all got suited and booted in our finest outdoorsy gear (cue stretchy uniqlo jeans, softer than clouds hollister hoodie and converses.. you can tell I do outdoorsy ALOT right) and head out to Cockfosters *stifles giggles* to ape out. 

Despite the weather not being on our side (boooo!) we had an amzing experience. The instructors reminding us that this was a HIGH RISK!!!!! activity really brought out my old tom-boy self and after a couple of girly squeals later, I was happy to zip down a wire or tarzan swing into a net 40 feet above the ground. Oh yea baby! 

Four courses down and the winds picked up as well as the drizzle turning into rain. Not good when your hands are frozen, you’re 50 feet in the air on a tight rope with nothing to hang on to save for a metal ring. And you cannot buckle or unbuckle your SAFTEY clamps. Hence I had to give in and chicken out of the final course as my hands would not function and would most definitely be my cause of my imminent death. 

The only other downer was we were split into two groups of 14 so didn’t get to see the group’s shenanigans at all and our group was slowly whittled down to 5 as people either dropped out or got left behind due to their lack of monkey skills. 

However there were MANY laughs and ALOT mischief too. Highlights?

  • Training ground. Stretches. Constantly getting into trouble for messing about - i.e. buckling ourselves together and running in opposite directions to ‘test’ the clips.


  • Sahil peeing behind a tree. And his interview describing his relief. disgusting child….
  • Singing songs of encouragement when someone had a lapse in their bravery. Eeeeeevery night in my dreams….. I seee you… I feeeeeel yooou….
  • Watching people come down the zip wires


  • Dismounts from zip wires
  • The horror we all felt when my aunt got tangled in four rope swings and the instructor whizzing through the course to come to her rescue.
  • Making new friends. SDP. Respect. *fist bump*
  • Scoffing sandwiches in the drizzle (made by the birthday girl) as soon as we arrived back at the car as we were all FAMISHED.
  • Getting back to the house to hot tea, home made hot lasagna, clean clothes and sharing stories with the other group.

I had to be sneaky to take photos and videos although I have learnt that as long as I can find a wrist band, it would be ok so note for next time. (Apologies for the quality of the photos - they are screen caps from videos hence a little blurry)

Also bring gloves!!!! The cold and the ropes are a bitch if you’re not pumped full of adrenaline. 

Today am feeling a tad achey as I’ve not been THAT active in a long long time. However its a good ache, the ache that makes you feel like you need to do more. So here is a tumblr promise: I SHALL do more active shite. After the 28th of May. A month of slobbery.

*Grabs a handful of marshmallow*

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