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To Infinity And Beyond!

So I talk about my sister alot and she needs help. YOUR help to be precise. Lynx holding a competition of sorts to send people to space camp and the like. Now, my sister is studying to become an astrophysicist and this would be an AMAZING opportunity for the darling. 

If you could be so kind as to click on the link and vote for her to get a place she will be ever so grateful! It only takes like 10 seconds to enter your email address!

And if you like you can enter yourself too!

 VOTE VOTE VOTE by clicking here!!!!!!

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Notting Hill Revival

Despite Notting Hill being one of my favourite haunts, the arrival of the super mall Westfield in Stratford has lead me to abandon visiting anywhere west of E1. As a result, I morph into a snap happy tourist on the rare occasion I mange to bare a train journey longer than 15 minutes. 

We watched a live relay of The Nutcracker ballet in the recently refurbished Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. 


This cinema is stunning. Leather sofas, those adorable table lights and a bar that also serves cheeseburgers and hotdogs along side cajan peppers and shrimp cocktails.

And the booking office!


So cute! 

They still have the fire buckets


You know. In case of a fire.

(Awful photo I know but it was dark and I had to use the flash)

Yea…that happened.

Me and Ani then went back TWO DAYS LATER to watch the Hobbit. How was it? Excellent. Although I haven’t been keeping up to date with the entertainment world and wasn’t aware that they had split the book into three movies or something. Hence, and two hours in, I was exhausted!

'They haven't even reached the mountain yet! And WHO KNOWS what's gonna come outta there for them to fight! How much longer can this go on?!'

And then the credits began to roll and I left feeling slighted cheated and red faced but excited at the realization that there is more from Middle Earth to come! Huzzah!

I also discovered this:

Bubble tea! From Bubbleology! Its like herbal tea with bizarre squishy balls (I’ve been told these are tapioca balls…whatever that is…). The passionfruit tea I love. I love tea. The squishy balls? Not so much. They taste fine but it’s the consistency of them… yuk. Have also since discovered they have a pop up shop in Westfield Stratford. I had the lychee cold there recently which was beautiful. And avoiding the balls is a fun game. *giggles like a child*

Finally, my youthful friends and I went to the Tabernacle to watch the panto ‘Oliver Twisted’. It was pretty darn funny. May have been down to my recent discover of raspberry flavoured vodka but yes…very funny!

Obliviously this is very very much a latergram so I cannot for the life of me remember what else Notting Hill held in store that had be so excited about it a month ago…. must be old age….



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New Game Folks!

Now, I talk about my sister a lot. But with good reason my friends! She’s a bizarre one. She will pretty much do anything you tell her to. Brave or stupid? You decide.

Fig 1.

We found a pack of opened mini marshmallows in the cupboard that were rather outdated. Happens when you clean stuff out. OF COURSE someone says how many can you fit in your mouth?!? Who volunteers in an instant? Uh huh.

Brave or Stupid?

Fig 2.

Westfield mall on a Sunday. Its pretty busy but she asks to go to the Lego store for a wander. I love me some Lego so we go. Theres the ‘build your own Lego men’ station and its teaming with kids. So naturally I say ‘off you go! Go build!’ she does. Shoves her way in and gets cracking. Turning to make a face whenever a child sneezes on her (more often than one would imagine) or grabs something she wanted. The looks she got from the parents….did I say looks? I meant glares and evils!!! Hehe…

Brave or Stupid?

I gotta admit, the Lego men she built were pretty awesome…. 

Gotta love that kid….

Till next time! 

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Big Bag Of Wonderfully Cool Goodies

Have said many times how much I love Brick Lane and yesterday’s little trip gave that love a little boost. 

Me and Anakin went on the hurt for a ‘cool present’ for her friend’s birthday and found waaay too many things we wanted for us rather than friend. 

This bag is on par with Santa’s sack on Christmas for the likes of me and Anakin. She was practically SKIPPING home with a manic ever-so-pleased-with-herself grin on her face. Wanna see what we got?? Course you do! How else are you going to find the evidence for when you call me a lame childish fool?!

Two books - The Melancholy Boy’s Death and Other Stories by Tim Burton and This Is Not A Book.

I love Tim Burton. The man is a genius. People say that he does the same thing over and over and I agree. What he does, he does FANTASTICALLY well! So why change?! Meh. The book is very Nightmare Before Christmas-esque with very short stories. Think Dr Suess as a goth and you’re sort of on the right track.

This Is Not A Book is something to kill time with. It tells you to keep it on you at all times and has stupid things to either do to the book or to things around you. Silly but I like silly. 

The Magic Box is the present for friend. I love the Ripley’s collection of stuff. I also have a Slinky from them. And everyone loves Slinkys!

The Photobooth pictures are from Rough Trade. We were both exhausted when we took those but you’d never tell! Silly faces are awesome. Especially  in black and white. 

And finally the Polaroid camera. I’ve wanted one of these forEVER and we saw a guy with a shelf of them. I’ve ummed and ahhed over them before but he said £30 so I bit the bullet and (after making him swear it still works) bought it. Trouble is the film is MEGA expensive even though the Impossible Project is re-making it. Ebay has been a little hit and miss and I cannot justify spending £20 for a pack of 8 exposures. I really wanted to take it with me to Edinburgh and Nice this summer but need to create a stockpile of film… Anyone know of any cheaper stockists????

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Flower Power!

My goodness, have I had a busy bee week! Well actually just the last few days. 

What with it being the last week of school before half term (Woohoo!!!! Holiday!!!!!), there was not much work being done and lots of arty farty Queen’s Jubilee decoration making happening for the most part of Thursday and Friday in school. The kids were super excited for the aptly named ‘playground party’ we were to have on Friday afternoon which required military planning and execution when it came to bringing out enough tables and chairs and food for the whole school to be outside AND fix up a stage and sound system in 40 minutes. Long story short, school had a jubilee party and it was exhausting.

Anyhow, once the day was over, me and Anakin headed over to TGIFriday. I had to treat her as she came all the way to my school to bring me the baby gifts I had forgotten for the to ladies who were leaving on maternity leave and then she stayed to help out with the Jubilee stuff. On her one day off. Needless to say, shes a star and I owed her.

Now, in TGI’s our darling waiter Harry totally made my day. Despite him having started work at 10am and it was coming up to 7pm, he was still soo friendly and chirpy and adorable. When serving the table behind us, he was going to make a balloon animal for the child and asked her what her favourite animal would be. Child replies CAT! So dear Harry goes all twist-away with the balloon and makes this:

EXCEPT on the last twist with his face consorted in pain, the poor thing explodes. He hangs his head in shame and sniffs before exclaiming ‘I’ll go get another one!’ He returns a few minutes later but stops short of the child’s table and tries again. Yet on the last twist, BANG the blasted thing explodes again. So does dear Harry try again? HAH! He strides right past their table and grabs a normal balloon on a stick, hands it to the child with a ‘There you go! Look at that! Balloon!’ and a big big smile on his face. seriously had me in hysterics when I saw the child’s face. 

You’d think that was the end of it. But no. Dear Harry is such a darling that he came over about 5 minutes later holding something like this:

And he saw my eyes widen at the sight of it as he walks past and asked if i’d like one too. OBVIOUSLY i nodded enthusiastically. So after he delivered the amazing flower to the child, and our food had arrived and I’d pretty much forgotten about it he walks up rather sheepishly with and arm behind his back and says ‘I couldn’t find the person who makes the proper flowers and i’m not very good at doing these myself but I did try so here you go…’ and he hands me this: 

It was a pretty good effort I must say but was hilarious in that the entire head of the flower was all floppy and just hung there. He looked so funny holding it there that me and Anakin were giggling for ages even after he left. Bless him. It’s soo nice when you get waiters who go out of their way to make your meal more enjoyable even when they are shattered.

I do love my unfortunate flower. Its unique. 

And I’ve just written a post on balloon objects.  

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Summer Summer Summer Tiiiiime…Time To Sit Back And Unwind….

So on Sunday I FINALLY finished and submitted my final assignment (worth 50% of my final grade…eeek!!) and me, Anakin and Betty Boo went to the park to catch some rays, chat some nonsense and generally piss about. 

I went a little iPhone nuts and what follows are the results….

Sandals always remind me of holidays….

Wine, Archers and lemonade… besides Pimms, is there a more summery drink? Suggestions welcome! ;)

Bad Food. Soo bad yet soooo good. I don’t know whats better; Pom Bears or milk AND WHITE chocolate fingers…

I love this bag. And drinking in the sun. Obviously.

Anakin’s daisy chain skills. And her rainbow nail painting skills. That child has skills.

Me in my horse print dress. Its cute. Despite this picture.

Anakin drinking straight out the bottle. Wino…

Yeah… can’t really caption this… I like it though… silly faces rule…

Smiley faces…. meh.. thank goodness for sun…

So that was our day in the sun. And may there be many more. 

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Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done

In true procrastination style, my sister and I somehow fell on the topic of random things we’ve read in random places. We both agreed the above story which can be located in our aunt’s bathroom is a winner. N.B. it was a 20 second conversation and this was the only entry. 

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Now I’m the king of the swingers, Oh the jungle VIP….


This weekend was pretty epic. My darling cousin sister turned 21 and we all got suited and booted in our finest outdoorsy gear (cue stretchy uniqlo jeans, softer than clouds hollister hoodie and converses.. you can tell I do outdoorsy ALOT right) and head out to Cockfosters *stifles giggles* to ape out. 

Despite the weather not being on our side (boooo!) we had an amzing experience. The instructors reminding us that this was a HIGH RISK!!!!! activity really brought out my old tom-boy self and after a couple of girly squeals later, I was happy to zip down a wire or tarzan swing into a net 40 feet above the ground. Oh yea baby! 

Four courses down and the winds picked up as well as the drizzle turning into rain. Not good when your hands are frozen, you’re 50 feet in the air on a tight rope with nothing to hang on to save for a metal ring. And you cannot buckle or unbuckle your SAFTEY clamps. Hence I had to give in and chicken out of the final course as my hands would not function and would most definitely be my cause of my imminent death. 

The only other downer was we were split into two groups of 14 so didn’t get to see the group’s shenanigans at all and our group was slowly whittled down to 5 as people either dropped out or got left behind due to their lack of monkey skills. 

However there were MANY laughs and ALOT mischief too. Highlights?

  • Training ground. Stretches. Constantly getting into trouble for messing about - i.e. buckling ourselves together and running in opposite directions to ‘test’ the clips.


  • Sahil peeing behind a tree. And his interview describing his relief. disgusting child….
  • Singing songs of encouragement when someone had a lapse in their bravery. Eeeeeevery night in my dreams….. I seee you… I feeeeeel yooou….
  • Watching people come down the zip wires


  • Dismounts from zip wires
  • The horror we all felt when my aunt got tangled in four rope swings and the instructor whizzing through the course to come to her rescue.
  • Making new friends. SDP. Respect. *fist bump*
  • Scoffing sandwiches in the drizzle (made by the birthday girl) as soon as we arrived back at the car as we were all FAMISHED.
  • Getting back to the house to hot tea, home made hot lasagna, clean clothes and sharing stories with the other group.

I had to be sneaky to take photos and videos although I have learnt that as long as I can find a wrist band, it would be ok so note for next time. (Apologies for the quality of the photos - they are screen caps from videos hence a little blurry)

Also bring gloves!!!! The cold and the ropes are a bitch if you’re not pumped full of adrenaline. 

Today am feeling a tad achey as I’ve not been THAT active in a long long time. However its a good ache, the ache that makes you feel like you need to do more. So here is a tumblr promise: I SHALL do more active shite. After the 28th of May. A month of slobbery.

*Grabs a handful of marshmallow*

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