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This? Is why I think it’s vital that we fight for diverse literature in schools. When the book-banning folks come out, it’s so often to shut down a person belonging to a minority group speaking about experiences that make people uncomfortable. Of course we are uncomfortable. We are complicit. It takes discomfort to impel change.

Not all kids will get a real picture of the world at home; I certainly didn’t. Those kids may go on to be the next generation of oppressors, having been taught lies that cause them to see minorities as subhuman, unless they have outside influences to show them otherwise. It matters that they read books by African-Americans, by women, by LGBT authors. It matters that they gain empathy and experience others’ lives.

It matters that they become uncomfortable enough to change.

from Reading Helped Me Overcome My Racist Upbringing by Susie Rodarme (via bookriot)

(via teachingliteracy)

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In need of some sun again!!!!

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This time last year I fulfilled a life long dream of mine to visit New York. Can’t wait till the next time.

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Has anyone read this? Is it really a children’s story? I think it may have traumatised one of my students when it says something along the lines of ‘I put my mother in her grave. She tried to crawl out but I put her back in.’

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